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Racing for Team 22 in 2017.

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Van Life and the beginning of the season

  Well we had our first adventure this weekend in “the tardis” or “the doc” as dad calls it. Mainly because its highly therapeutic to be able to spend copious amounts of time travelling to new places and not really having a final destination. As they say “sometimes it nice to be lost in the … Continue reading Van Life and the beginning of the season

Challenges and Confidence and lessons learnt ….

  This blog was mainly thought out when I was cycling this morning- it is weird the places that your brain goes when you’re riding your bike. I have been quite quiet on the blog front recently but I’ve just been busy getting stuck into training and getting through the last semester at University (only … Continue reading Challenges and Confidence and lessons learnt ….

Scottish Cycling and Preparation

What a busy few months it has been. Exams, Christmas, Calums 21st, my birthday, New Year… and breathe. Busy. But the training must go on as they say and I have had a busy few months working hard. Last weekend was the first weekend back training with Scottish Cycling after the festive period and it … Continue reading Scottish Cycling and Preparation

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